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Vaccine Injury Compensation Program offered to Canadian victims

Nov 20, 2023
Many Canadians have experienced side effects after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Connecting these side effects to the vaccine is often a real challenge. Furthermore, to be eligible for compensation, you absolutely need a doctor to support your claim.

The compensation program in Canada is still quite new, kicking off on June 1, 2021, in response to the extensive COVID-19 vaccine campaign. It was designed to assist Canadians who faced severe adverse reactions after receiving an approved COVID-19 vaccine.

The numbers are intriguing – over 6.6 billion dollars have been paid out. However, here's the catch – out of 1859 claims, only 103 were approved, with 14 claims currently under appeal.

If you reside in Quebec, things take a different turn. You can't apply to the federal program; instead, you turn to the Quebec program, established since 1988. It's a bit complex because it covers a range of vaccines.

Over this period, 441 claims were submitted – 240 from before 2000 and 201 from 2021 onwards. Now, listen closely – out of 201 claims tied to the COVID-19 vaccines, only 22 have been reviewed, and just 3 people received compensation.

Jeff Orenstein, the founder of the Consumer Law Group, has stepped in to offer his assistance. His law firm has been a part of the landscape for quite some time. With over 150 reported cases across two provinces, Jeff Orenstein has significantly influenced Canadian jurisprudence.

"I'm hoping we don't have a lawsuit. I'm hoping that, in fact, everybody gets compensated under the terms of the program. I mentioned that there's court oversight. You know, if clients are not happy with what the committee comes back with," mentioned Orenstein.

"We do realize there's obviously some reluctance from some doctors to fill out the form for the compensation injury form that has to be filled out in order to qualify under the program. So that's something we can also help out with because we do have experts that are working with us," he added.

So, If you received a Health Canada-approved vaccine after December 8, 2020, and now face significant, long-lasting issues, you can apply for their program. Their goal is to assist citizens throughout the entire claims and appeals process, striving for fair compensation.

Don’t forget to sign the petition to request Health Canada to remove the Covid vaccine shot from the market at!

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