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Toyota Rusty Frame Canadian Class Action


If You Own or Lease or Previously Owned, Purchased, or Leased a Toyota Tacoma (2005-2010), a Toyota Tundra (2007-2008), or a Toyota Sequoia (2005-2008), You Could Get Benefits from a Class Action Settlement.

There is a proposed settlement in class action lawsuits started in Ontario and Quebec against Toyota Canada, Inc. (Toyota) concerning purchase(d) or lease(d) Model Year 2005–2010 Toyota Tacoma, 2007–2008 Toyota Tundra, or 2005–2008 Toyota Sequoia vehicles distributed for sale or lease in Canada.

The Courts will hold settlement and counsel fees approval hearings in Ottawa on September 7, 2018 at 10:00AM and in Montreal on September 5, 2018 at 9:30AM.

The proposed Settlement provides a free Frame Inspection and Replacement Program through which Toyota Dealers will, upon your request and free of charge, inspect the frames on the Subject Vehicles to determine whether your Subject Vehicle’s frame should be replaced. If the frame needs to be replaced because it satisfies the Rust Perforation Standard, replacement of the frame and associated parts will be at no cost to you. If the frame does not meet the criteria for frame replacement, under certain circumstances, the Toyota Dealer will apply Corrosion-Resistant Compounds (“CRC”) at no cost to you, pursuant to the Inspection Protocol. You can contact your Toyota Dealer beginning on July 21, 2018 to have your Subject Vehicle inspected as part of this program. The settlement also reimburses Class Members who previously paid out-of-pocket for frame replacement due to rust perforation that satisfies the Rust Perforation Standard that were incurred prior to June 8, 2018, and that were not otherwise reimbursed.

If the settlement is approved, and you do nothing, you will remain in the class and receive the benefits of the settlement, but will not be able to sue Toyota.

You have the right to appear in court to object to the proposed settlement.

You can exclude yourself from the class action by October 22, 2018. If you do so, you will not get any settlement benefits, but you keep the right to sue Toyota about the issues in the lawsuit.

The full length notice describing how to obtain settlement relief, object to the settlement, or exclude yourself after approval is available at

For more information or a claim form or opt-out form

[email protected]

There will be no further notice from the Administrator about this settlement, unless the settlement is not approved.


CONSUMER LAW GROUP has launched a Canada-wide class action lawsuit against Toyota relating to certain vehicles' frames which are prone to excessive and premature rust corrosion, which render the vehicles unstable and unsafe.

The models at issue are:

- Tacoma 2005-2010
- Tundra 2007-2008
- Sequoia 2005-2008

Replacement of the frame can cost upwards of $15,000.

The Toyota vehicles are defective because they lack adequate rust corrosion protection. Toyota has failed to disclose the existence of this defect, nor has it issued a recall to inspect and repair the Toyota vehicles, or offered to reimburse owners for costs incurred to identify and repair this defect.

Excessively corroded frames pose a serious safety hazard to a vehicle’s occupants because a frame forms the basis of a vehicle’s crashworthiness, including its ability to withstand or minimize damage to the occupant compartment in the event of an accident.

If you or someone you know is or was an owner or lessee of a Toyota Tacoma 2005-2010, Toyota Tundra 2007-2008, or Toyota Sequoia 2005-2008 anywhere in Canada and you wish more information on potential compensation or to be kept advised of the status of the Toyota Rusty Frame Class Action litigation or any resulting compensation from this lawsuit in Canada, Quebec, or Ontario, please provide your contact information to our law firm using the form below.

IF YOU WISH TO JOIN THE CLASS ACTION OR TO SIMPLY GET MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW. Please note that providing your information creates no financial obligation for you. You are not charged any fee or cost for joining this class action. Our law firm is paid a contingency fee from the compensation recovered, only if the class action is successful. All information contained in this transmission is confidential and Consumer Law Group agrees to protect this information against unauthorized use, publication or disclosure.

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