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Organix Shampoo National Class Action



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On July 24, 2014, Consumer Law Group commenced a class action against Vogue International LLC and its related companies claiming that certain misrepresentations were made regarding the ingredients of their Organix brand hair care and skin care products in their marketing and sales.

On March 3, 2015, the parties reached a proposed national settlement. A copy of the settlement agreement is available here:

Settlement Agreement
Entente de règlement

On April 2, 2015, the Superior Court of Quebec scheduled a motion for authorization of the action as a class action and approval of the settlement agreement for May 25, 2015 at 3:00 P.M. at the Montreal Court House located at 1, Notre-Dame St. East, Montreal, Quebec, in Courtroom 15.07.

Judgment on Pre-Approval Notice

The Court ordered publication of the following notice regarding that hearing:

Pre-Approval Notice
Avis de pré-approbation

To opt out of the settlement, please fill in the form below and mail it to the Claims Administrator

Opt Out Form (English)
Formulaire d'exclusion (Français)

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CONSUMER LAW GROUP has launched a national class action lawsuit against Todd Christopher International and Vogue International on behalf of individuals who have purchased all past and present hair care products, including, but not limited to shampoos, conditioners and styling products as well as any and all skin care products sold under the “Organix” brand name, including, but not limited to moisturisers, sunscreens, sun care products, sunscreen lotion; moisturisers, moisturising lotion, and skin care products for the treatment of acne, eye serum, body lotion, body moisturizer, body butter, night cream, skin spot treatment, pore scrub, lip balm and hand sanitizers (the “Organix Products”).

The class action involves the deceptive, misleading, false, and unfair advertising of the Organix Products’, a name which was chosen to look like and to phonetically sound like the word “organics” in order to misrepresent to consumers that the ingredients inside the packaging are organic;

Over the years, Organix Products have made the following claims:

a) “We developed the Organix line of products not necessarily for those who have made a commitment to an organic lifestyle, but rather a mass appeal brand designed for those who want to make better choices and are more aware of the integrity of the ingredients”,

b) “Organix products contain organic active ingredients”,

c) “Nature’s secret to silky perfection”, and

d) “Organix formulas contain organic active ingredients”.

In fact, contrary to these representations, the Organix Products are composed almost entirely from ingredients that are not organic.

As a result, consumers were induced into purchasing Organix Products that does not live up to their reasonable expectations, thereby causing them economic damages equal to the purchase price of these products.

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The class action lawsuit identifies the group of affected persons as:

All residents in Canada who have purchased Organix Products or any other group to be determined by the Court;

If you or someone you know has bought any past and present Organix Products and you wish to obtain more information on potential compensation or to be kept advised of the status of the Organix Shampoo National Class Action litigation or any resulting compensation resulting from the Organix Shampoo National Class Action Lawsuit in Canada, Quebec or Ontario, please provide your contact information to our law firm using the below form.

IF YOU WISH TO JOIN THE CLASS ACTION OR TO SIMPLY GET MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW. Please note that providing your information creates no financial obligation for you. You are not charged any fee or cost for joining this class action. Our law firm is paid a contingency fee from the compensation recovered, only if the class action is successful. All information contained in this transmission is confidential and Consumer Law Group agrees to protect this information against unauthorized use, publication or disclosure.

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