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Crayola Washable Coloured Bubbles National Class Action



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On March 1, 2012, Consumer Law Group commenced a class action against Crayola claiming that its 2011 Washable Coloured Bubbles misrepresented the capacity to stain and its washable nature.

On March 1, 2013, the parties reached a proposed national settlement. A copy of the settlement agreement is available here:

Settlement Agreement
Entente de règlement

On July 11, 2013, the Superior Court of Quebec scheduled a motion for authorization of the action as a class action and approval of the settlement agreement for September 12, 2013 at 2:15 PM at the Montreal Court House located at 1, Notre-Dame St. East, Montreal, Quebec, in courtroom 2.08. The Court ordered the following notice regarding that hearing:

Pre-Approval Notice

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CONSUMER LAW GROUP has launched a national class action lawsuit against Crayola on behalf of individuals who have purchased the product Crayola Washable Coloured Bubbles.

The class action involves the deceptive, misleading, false, and unfair advertising of Crayola Washable Coloured Bubbles as “washable” when in fact Crayola Washable Coloured Bubbles stain everything they touch; sometimes the stains can be removed with considerable expense, time, and effort, and sometimes not.

As a result, consumers were induced into purchasing Crayola Washable Coloured Bubbles under the premise that it was “washable”, which by definition means “soluble in water.”

Therefore, consumers of Crayola Washable Coloured Bubbles would not have agreed to buy a product which does not contain the level of nutrients that was represented to them and certainly would not have consented to pay a premium price for it.

Because Crayola Washable Coloured Bubbles are not washable, but rather leave long-lasting stains, consumers gained nothing of value from their purchases; instead, their property was damaged and they lost significant time and money trying to remove stains the product left behind.

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The class action lawsuit identifies the group of affected persons as:

o all residents in Canada who purchased or acquired (including by gift) Crayola Washable Coloured Bubbles, or any other group to be determined by the Court;

Alternately (or as a subclass)

o all residents in Quebec who purchased or acquired (including by gift) Crayola Washable Coloured Bubbles, or any other group to be determined by the Court;

If you or someone you know has bought the product Crayola Washable Coloured Bubbles and you wish more information on potential compensation or to be kept advised of the status of the Crayola Washable Coloured Bubbles Class Action litigation or any resulting compensation resulting from the Crayola Washable Coloured Bubbles Class Action Lawsuit in Canada, Quebec or Ontario, please provide your contact information to our law firm using the below form.

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