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Ford / Navistar PowerStroke 6.0 L Diesel Engine Canadian Claim Process

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Step 2: Follow the claim instructions

Thank you for filling out the form online at  It is NOT sufficient to have filled out that form.

In order to make a Claim for Compensation under the 2003-2007 model year Ford / Navistar Heavy Duty PowerStroke 6.0-Litre Diesel Engine Canadian Class Action Settlement (for current or former owners and lessees), you absolutely must file an online or written claim with the Claims Administrator.  To submit a Claim Form, please visit, click on “Download a Claim Form”, and have your 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) ready. Your warranty and dealership repairs have already been automatically entered into your profile, making the Claim Form fast and easy to fill out.

Time is of the essence for this program!