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Diamond Pet Food Claim Instructions

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Step 2: Follow the claim instructions

Thank you for filling out the form online at  It is NOT sufficient to have filled out that form.

In order to make a claim for compensation under the Diamond Pet Food Salmonella Class Action Settlement you absolutely must file an online or written claim with the Claims Administrator. To submit a claim form, please visit

For more information about the Settlement, please visit  If you have any questions regarding the settlement, please call toll-free at 1-844-562-4210, email the Claims Administrator at [email protected] or write to the Claims Administrator at the following address:

Bruneau Group Inc.
Attention: Diamond Pet Foods - Class Action Settlement
Nelson P.O. 20187 – 322 Rideau Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 5Y5

Please also be aware of the deadline of May 30, 2016 to file a claim, therefore, please act quickly.
Time is of the essence for this program!